• Basic Investment Options

         In my previous articles, we talked about investing in general, but it occurred to me, after learning a lot about the downside of investing in the market that not everyone wants to invest in stocks. At least not all the time. So, what are our options? For example, what if you want to take all […]

  • Dollar Cost Averaging

    I think everyone who reads my articles agrees investing money in the market is generally a smart idea. However, as we have all seen in 2022, the market can be very volatile. What if you want to invest but just don’t have the stomach for the roller coaster ride?  Don’t worry. Take cover in the average. […]

  • Why is Credit Score important? How can it be raised?

    Credit score. It’s important. Essentially, credit score is a tool used to determine how well someone will repay their loans. It also determines if a loan should be given in the first place and at what interest rate ( So, I’m sure you must be asking yourself, well how is it calculated and how is it built? I’lltell you.  […]

  • Common Terms to Improve Financial Literacy

         In my previous posts, we discussed the importance of financial literacy on the path to becoming a rising investor. We then dove into the phenomena that money isn’t something that is often discussed openly. So now that the problem and dynamics around it are established, let’s dig into what we should be talking about first. […]

  • Why Don’t People Talk About Money? How Can This Be Addressed?

         Like any challenge, it helps to talk about it. Think about trying to learn a new sport and not being able to talk to your coach; that would be difficult.       If you’re interested in becoming an investor, and before that, financially knowledgeable – there is a strange force working against you. A lot of people […]

  • Financial Literacy, What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

         Financial literacy, we all need to know it. It’s the first base to cover as a rising investor. Financial literacy is saving money intelligently. It’s understanding the value of money. It’s understanding financial terms, tools, and opportunities – and also the traps to avoid. At the highest level, it’s putting your money to work for […]

  • Who am I? What are my Goals?

         Money. You can earn it. You can donate it. You can spend it. You can make it work for you.       When my older brother turned eighteen, my parents gave him a little money on his birthday and helped him open an account in the stock market. My dad had taught him some things about money. […]